Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Um...isn't this a little bit bass ackwards?

Quote from our fearless leader's right hand man (Rummy) in response to question regarding exit from Iraq:

"I believe the answer is clear," he said. "Quitting is not an exit strategy. It would be a formula for putting the American people at still greater risk and an invitation for more terrorist violence."

Um...hello? Didn't we INVITE terrorist violence from Iraq by invading them in the first place?? It would sure as hell piss me off if I were them. Particularly when it was that guy...what's his name now....geez..it's on the tip of my tongue....it's just been so long since I heard anything about him. Oh yeah...that's right, Osama Bin Laden - that Saudi Arabian dude - who unleashed the 9/11 attacks on the USA.

Gotta love that revisionist history stuff :)


Blogger mikevotes said...

He's still pitching the "flypaper" theory that al Qaeda will attack our troops in Iraq rather than us here in the US. The problem with this of course, as you point out, is that there isn't a fixed number of "terrorists". Our actions create "terrorists" faster than we can catch them. It's also based on the fallacy that all the "terrorists" will remain in Iraq. From their seeming strength, I would think, if they wanted to, they could spare a few to come and attack here.

And, by the way, when we declare "victory" what are all these new people who now hate America going to do, hmm? Did you think of that Donald?

11:24 AM  
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