Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Slightly longer memory than Katrina...but not much.

Pop quiz: When the Government promises you something you can:
1. Take it to the bank.
2. Take it to the bank, cash it and run like hell before they change their minds.
3. Assume that their word on anything is as good as their intelligence about WMDs in Iraq.

The answer would be either of the last two options.

Following the 9/11 attacks on New York City, the President and the rest of his chums up on the hill pledged $20 billion to rebuild the city. Apparently they neglected to mention that this money was only good provided that the city cashed the check and spent it within five years.

In the latest installment of the Comedy of Errors which our fearless leader's gang have turned the government of the country into, the House and Senate voted to take back $125 million in aid. Money which the city had earmarked for the present and future medical treatment of those heroic individuals who toiled for weeks in the kind of toxins Saddam only WISHED he'd had a chance to launch at somebody.

Apparently the reasoning behind this retraction of largesse is simple. It hasn't been used yet.

The Senate did try half-heartedly to let the city keep the money, but the House doesn't agree and so the latest edition of the huge labor and health spending bill which is passing through the corridors of power as we speak will reverse the flow of the funds back into the near-empty coffers of the government. Probably in order to finance some other little throwaway stopgap measure for the Katrina survivors.

Now think for a minute how many millions of dollars are going uncollected in taxes in the coming year thanks to our fearless leader's love of sprinkling tax cuts merrily on the very rich of this country.

And then think of the firemen and others in NYC who are going to be left with chronic lung problems - to say nothing of ongoing mental issues dating back to that period in US history that our fearless leader loves to parade in front of us as his reason for spending billions of dollars we don't have in order to fund a war against people who weren't at war with us to obfuscate the fact that it was less about the war on terror and more about the war on who controls the oil fields.

It stinks so bad I wonder how those Congressmen can stand themselves.


Blogger mikevotes said...

I did a post a couple days ago on Katrina being forgotten. Remember, every politician said, "oh, we're gonna do something about poverty now." Nothing has been done. Nothing has even been proposed, no legislation, no policy, nothing. The only thing was the attempt to cut a hundred thousand people off food stamps. It's disgusting.

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