Monday, November 21, 2005

Do We Want To Touch Him?

Um...answer....not with the proverbial six foot pole. Gary Glitter, that nasty little glam wannabe from the '70s, whose hits included 'Rock and roll parts 1 &2' - the second part of which is still routinely played at every football stadium on the planet, and 'Do You Want To Touch Me', is in serious legal trouble again.

I'll tell you that I always thought Gary Glitter was a bit on the slimy side, even back when he was dressed in his shiny gold suits and camping it up on Top of The Pops. And no, doesn't have anything to do with the glam. I thought Marc Bolan and David Bowie were gods in human form when I was a teenager :) Gary Glitter was just....slimy. Not something you could particularly put your finger on, but I knew that I didn't like him for some reason which went much deeper than his music.

I'd almost forgotten about him until he resurfaced in the news in the late '90s, having been found guilty of 54 counts of possession of kiddie porn. He went to prison for a couple of months and then slipped out of the UK. Hopefully to live the rest of his life under a rock somewhere.

But no. Here he is again, and in some very, very serious shit this time. He apparently should have read the punishment statutes for the various countries he had the option of residing in, as he might well have found that not all countries take fiddling with kiddies as lightly as we do in the west.

He decided to settle in Vietnam, and rented a house by the seaside to which he invited lots of little small girls to play. He went missing from there last week after local newspapers started looking into what he was doing, sparking a manhunt for a depraved 61 year old with bouffant wig and really bad taste in clothes. He was finally found on Saturday, attempting to board a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok (which is apparently where he thought he was - less stringent child sex laws and all).

He was arrested on charges of child molestation, which may be upgraded to child rape as the investigation continues. The Vietnamese consider sex with anyone under the age of consent to be automatically child rape, no matter how willing the child in question.

Child rape also carries the sentence of death by firing squad.

Do they want to touch him? You betcha.


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Don't you love it when they find the "wrong place" to do the "wrong thing"?


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