Monday, October 10, 2005


Do you remember the song from "The Fiddler on the Roof" by the name of "Sunrise, Sunset", where Tevya and Golde are talking on the eve of their oldest daughter's wedding about how their children are growing up?

Whoa! It just struck me today as I'm making arrangements to pay for Lema's PSAT how true that is. Doesn't seem five minutes since she was surreptitiously tossing books and diapers into the playpen on top of her baby brother while my back was turned. And now here she is, a junior in high school, preparing to take her college preparation exams. And the baby brother she used to try suffocating with cloth diapers? He's now 6'3" and a freakishly good cook. She wants to be a psychologist. He wants to be a chef - although he'll consider nuclear physicist as a career and gourmet cook as a hobby as long as he gets to practice blowing things up.

Isn't it a weird thing that when you have small children - or I should say when I had small children, because I know there are some people who actually ENJOY babies. Personally I think those people are certifiably insane, but I digress - that period seems to swallow you up. Toddlers are little bundles of NEED, who WANT things constantly and are the dictionary definition of contrary. Mired in the under-five portion of motherhood, it seems as though things are NEVER going to get better, and that you'll NEVER have any freedom again.

And then someone puts your life on fast forward, and all of a sudden you see these midgets becoming grown people. Yeah, they're still Teen Peeps and they still need their momma. But the time is fast approaching when they're going to spread those wings and fly on their own. It's astonishingly amazing and pretty darn wonderful to watch.


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