Friday, September 02, 2005

School's Out....

...for three days! Yeah, I know it's not as good as Alice Cooper's original but in Buckley WA they do things in an odd way. Like having the kids go back to school on September 1st so that they can attend for two days and be off for three. Who's idea was this? Seems like up until a couple of years ago, school never started until after Labor Day here.

The Teen Peeps are having a blast now they're back in school. 'Lema is wowing her treble choir class with her amazing brilliance, as she was in chamber choir (the big choir) last year, and knows a whole bunch of stuff these other kids don't. She's loving drama - and I could make some remarks about drama queens, but I am MUCH too nice for that...heh heh. And as for Xander...aka Hates To Do Homework Boy...he's making a dent in his plans to become Boy Of The Year by becoming the teacher's aide for his life skills class. I told him he should think about helping out in the library too, since you can always use a working knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System, and those library page jobs at the county libraries are pretty cushy deals during the summer.

Of course, the teachers sent home work. Not for the kids, you understand, but for yours truly. One of the wits sent home a request for an essay about Xander in a million words or less. Oh...ha of those just out of teacher's training school and hasn't been beaten down by life in the REAL world yet teachers!! I've had those before. They're the ones who send home lots of notes about how they think education is a FAMILY event, and as such, look...note well...I have concocted a whole PAGE of exciting and fun-filled activities for the entire FAMILY to share together!! Listen, lady. I am more than willing to do my share of making sure the kids get their homework done. I'll look it over. I'll make sure it gets into their backpack and threaten them with grievous bodily harm if it fails to reach you for the 20th time this month. But you know what? I work on a job which is piece work. I get paid by what I turn out. That means during the day until the kids get home, and after they go to bed, sometimes until 3 in the morning, I'm working my fingers numb and my eyes fuzzy. So please...excuse me if I find your list of exciting and fun-filled activities the whole FAMILY can share together....which usually entails a trip to the craft/stationery/hardware/grocery store and money I can ill afford to spend.....a little IRRITATING! Particularly when you make the damned thing part of the kid's grade, and they neglect to tell me about it until the evening before it's due to be turned in. Yeah...I TRULY loathe and despise and CURSE you all the way down to your hippie little Birkenstocks when I'm single-handedly attempting to recreate a model of the Parthenon at midnight.

Hopefully this guy isn't going to turn out to be one of those teachers. Or we may have to have an email exchange. In a million words or less.


Blogger 'Lema said...

Oh yeahhh!! I remember the Parthenon assignment!!! Was oh so fun making the pillars! *gurgling sounds*


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