Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rich White Boys

At last, Mayor Nagle of New Orleans is doing what should have been done more than a week ago. She has ordered mandatory evacuations of the area, and said that those who refuse to leave will be removed forcibly. She's giving them the means and the transportation to leave and providing them with somewhere to go once they do leave. Which begs the question, why couldn't this have been done before the storm moved in, while the streets were still passable by vehicle and the trains were still running?

I've seen people - including the president - say that while they expected the hurricane, they didn't expect the flooding. Um, hello? Apparently not only did the weather channel, CNN, and other TV pundits know in advance of the storm, but apparently so did the people in charge in New Orleans, had they been listening to their own engineers - one of whom was pictured on the news on the Saturday before the storm hit, talking about how even a category 3 storm directed at New Orleans would probably overwhelm the levees, and the pumping out would take weeks. So yeah...the people in charge DID know or at least SHOULD have known that this would happen.

And sometimes, we have to do things which we don't want to do.

New Orleans would have been a much easier town to deal with post-Katrina if it was also sans people. The looting issue would have been taken out of the mix. The people who are now risking their own health and safety in that toxic cesspool in order to evacuate people wouldn't have been put in jeopardy. And all the people crowded into the Superdome and the Convention Center wouldn't have been stuck without basic services for days on end.

But that would have involved a little forward planning, and a little advance thinking, and most importantly, leadership from the very top. Leadership which doesn't seem to be there. It amazes me that we held impeachment hearings for a former president whose only crime was a matrimonial one. He had oral sex with an intern. This is something which should have concerned nobody but his own family. Did it get in the way of his diligent running of the country? No. Was any major rescue or relief work held up because he was in the Oval Office with Monica? No. And yet here we have a president who thinks finishing his five week vacation is more important than being in Washington and doing his job.

Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do.

Are impeachment hearings going to be held following this unmistakable debacle? How many times are we going to have to sit and listen to why what he did was the right thing to do under the circumstances, and let him slide for it? Bad enough we went and invaded another country under the pretext of looking for weapons they knew were not there. Bad enough we're now mired in another farce which is looking more and more like Vietnam the longer it continues. Bad enough that all of his rhetoric about there being severe penalties for whomever outed the lady spy came to naught when he found out it was his good buddy, Karl Rove, who far from being ousted is now being sent to New Orleans to help coordinate things there. All of those things pale when measured against a chief of staff who refuses to give up his daily nap and hunting expeditions despite being told of the very real impending danger of a natural disaster of gargantuan proportions. A man who even on the day of the flooding was across the country in California, instead of being where he is being paid to be. In the White House with his finger on the pulse and his ear on the phone coordinating evacuation efforts from a city which was devastated by something predictable.

Throughout his entire presidency, Bush has been a dollar short and a day late. How many times is he to be rewarded and lauded for this ineptitude?

I think it's a criminal shame that despite what little kids are told about anybody being able to grow up and be president, the truth is that it's a job for the rich - or at least those with rich backers. What we need in the White House is someone who knows what it's like to be poor, and to be disenfranchised. Someone who's actually worked a minimum wage job. Someone who's had to worry where they're going to find the money to take the kid to the doctor. Someone who has empathy for his fellow man, and more importantly has had to bear the brunt of his own actions for the majority of his life. It's funny that the closest we've come to that in recent memory was Bill Clinton. You may not agree with his morals, but you can't fault the fact that he took a country which was mired in debt and made it almost solvent again, or that his caring for people in distress was genuine. The man did awesome things for this country and will be remembered for an intern and a cigar.

What we do instead, seemingly, is we take rich kids, who've been supported and helped out by their rich daddy for the majority of their life and who have never caused a mess that daddy couldn't influence or buy their way out of, and make him a president. I mean, did nobody check this guy's resume? Didn't you KNOW he was the governor of Texas?? Didn't you realize that he'd screwed up every job he'd ever he'd gotten for the most part on the fact that his daddy was rich and knew people? What ever possessed folks to think that putting him in the White House would change the habits of a lifetime? Even now....when he's deep in the brown smelly stuff, who does he call to make him and his incompetent regime look better to the country? His DADDY and BILL CLINTON, the guy he maligned so much during his own campaign for presidency. AKA the guy who's gotten him out of all his messes in the past, and the guy who really knows what it takes to run a country. And what's the shrub doing while all of the stuff is hitting the fan? He's doing his best to put the blame on somebody else, like every other spoiled little brat you've ever met. I don't know about you, but I think impeachment is too good for this man. How many chances does he have to have? How many times are we going to let him screw up the country before we tell him enough?

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.


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