Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reading Rainbow still my heart for I have discovered paradise here on earth. It resides within the walls of a small, squat whitewashed building on Tacoma Mall Boulevard, and it's name...verily I say unto's name is HALF PRICE BOOKS. And thou shalt worship this place, and pay homage to it and tithe most of your grocery money. For it shalt bring you joy beyond your comprehension.

Azrael and I took the Teen Peeps down to this store today. We've been meaning to go for a while, but certain things - like having no money after buying a ton of school clothes and supplies - kind of got in the way.

If you have never stepped inside one of these places, let me warn you that if you have the slightest tendency toward book-sluttishness as my entire family do, this could turn out to be a pretty expensive outing. But well worth the visit. The Stephen King 'Hearts in Atlantis' I wanted to read after seeing the movie? $1 people! ONE FREAKING DOLLAR!! I even unwittingly picked up a couple of first editions, which are always cool, and which cost the same price as it would have without its FE status.

Xander found books on science and computing, 'Lema swooped down on the Wicca and Psychology sections, Azrael took an entire ARMFUL of Dell Abyss books ("I don't know these authors but this publishing company is BRILLIANT! They publish the BEST horror books!"), and yours truly found her way to the true crime and slimy death sections, along with "Fried Green Tomatoes...", "The Shipping News", and "We Were The Mulvaneys" all at $2 a head. You can't beat those prices. We managed to fill 3...count 'em 3!! shopping baskets with books and music and the occasional computer game, and staggered back home to surround ourselves with the printed word for the rest of the Labor Day weekend.

And lo...there was much rejoicing.


Blogger 'Lema said...

YAYYYYYY: I am done with SHREDDER!!!!! And there waas much rejoicing!!!!


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