Friday, September 02, 2005

Pekish Update part deux

I took Rosybelle back to the vet for her follow-up urinalysis today, and the news is good, although he still has a couple of things he's a little bit concerned about. First, the good news. Her white cell count on our last trip was about 200 cells per field - mega mega infection. Today it was just a couple of cells per field. That shows that the antibiotics are working and things are looking up, which is super great news.

The only things which concern him are the fact that there are still white cells there, and that her bladder itself is a little hardened. As the urine is extracted via a needle, there should be zero white blood cells in it, since there is no chance of contamination. So that, plus the hardening leads him to believe that the urinary tract infection persists, albeit in a very reduced state from last time.

So...another week of antibiotics and a call to the vet a couple of days before those ones run out so that he can ask me some questions to determine if he thinks it's a good idea to bring her back in or if he thinks she'll be fine. Got to love people who don't make you pay more money than you have to, don't you?

Ms. Belle herself is feeling much better, as evidenced by the fact that she's once again leading me around the house. Apparently she thinks I'm too dense to find my way to the kitchen without her help, and trots along ahead of me, looking back over her shoulder to make sure I'm still following. Oh...and she's once again bringing me presents. Now Rosy is 3/4 Pekingese and 1/4 Poodle, so I don't know where the whole Retriever tendency thing comes in, but since she was a puppy she's always felt a need to greet you with a present in her mouth. Not knowing where her roots are, I guess she could be a southern belle, who are famous for their hospitality, but whatever the reason, as soon as she knows you're approaching, you can see her panicking as she looks around the general area wildly. "Oh my're here. I need a gift. I need a...I need a....dirty Xander sock! The perfect thing!" And she'll leap on it and scoop it up in order to present it to you as you approach. Of course, sometimes socks aren't available and she's had to make do with lesser offerings such as discarded popsicle sticks or pieces of cardboard, but she's ALWAYS sure to bring you SOMETHING. While she was sick, I guess she just wasn't up for all the preparation and gift-giving, which is understandable. Hey...from my memories of bladder infections, I merely wanted to kill anything around me that was moving, so she's handled herself like a little trouper.

I also bought something at the vet which is guaranteed to make her heart flutter. SHAMPOO!! and better yet...the vet threw in some eye gunk for FREE! Since she's got those bulging Peke eyes, there's a tendency for the shampoo to get into them, no matter how careful you are, so this stuff basically just gives a protective filmy coating for the duration of the bath experience. Rose is....well...let's just say if she were a human she'd be a beauty parlor junkie. She adores being groomed, and doesn't even mind being bathed - aside from the whole eye thing. During the whole sick and peeing all over the place thing, there didn't seem to be much point in bathing her, as I didn't think she'd feel like being messed around with. But now I think she's ready. I KNOW she's ready, since while I was waiting in the vet's office for the results of the urinalysis, I was stroking her head absently while she napped in my lap, and happened to notice my fingers were coming back...well...greasy and dirty. SO...later today La Belle Peke will receive the full beauty parlor treatment, and will be in absolute heaven.

Seems only fair after having a thermometer stuck up your bum and a needle in your bladder, doesn't it?

Can we say 'OUCH'?


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