Monday, September 19, 2005

In Which We Whine

Conspicuously absent I have been, thanks to a heavier than usual work schedule from The Big Office in New York. See, for a while there, I was going through a little bit of a work drought - one of the drawbacks of being on the wrong coast. They get work in the morning, and then by the time I get to the computer I have to deal with what they have left over.

And then along came Tammy.

Tammy is my assignments editor at TBOINY. She's fairly new there, and just a slip of a gal at 25 years old. Well, the chief assignments editor, a guy named Andy, following some problems getting in touch with me via telephone (probably having something to do with the fact that I turn it off while working), had the brilliant plan that I should download AOL instant messenger, since that's the system they all use at TBOINY in order to communicate with each other and with the satellite offices. Okay...I can do that. And Tammy started IMing me with assignments, which worked out much better for all concerned.

I wasn't counting on her deciding to make a buddy out of me. She now drops me chatty little IMs about what she's doing on the weekend and where she was born and what her interests are, etc, etc, and I IM her back and say, that's nice, dear. Cause after all she's in effect my boss, and even though I'm WORKING and those little pop up IM screens are a real annoyance when you're in the middle of a serious transcription which needs all of your attention and concentration. I can't exactly ask her to knock it off, when she's responsible for giving me work.

Well the upside to all the Chatty Cathy stuff is that Tammy tends to think of me first when she has work. Which is good. Unless it's last Friday. Last Friday she was receiving a big job of work that she was going to have to spread among several transcriptionists. So would I do four hours due Tuesday...oh pleeeeeze? Sure. I can do that. OH...and we've just had another big job come in that's due Wednesday...can you take four hours of that? Oh pleeeeeeze? Sure I can do that. OH..OH..and she has a rush job that's not coming in till Monday morning, it'll be about an hour and due at 5 their time. Can I do that? Oh pleeeeeze? Sure I can do that. Oh, and today? She has two teleconference jobs that are an hour long each...due by 5...can I do those? Oh pleeeeeze? Geez! Tammy. Yeah...go ahead...gimme.

So needless to say, this has been somewhat of a harried few days. Tomorrow I'm not turning on my AIM. AT ALL. You know it's bad when your invoice starts on Monday and runs weekly through Friday, and I already have close on $300 earned on THIS WEEK'S INVOICE!! And it's only MONDAY. (And this is at 0.00635 per word, remember...)

Thank God that Katamari Damacy II is due out on Wednesday cause by that time I think I'm going to be seriously ready for a break and ready to veg out in front of a veedeeo game for an entire day.

And my fingers hurt


Blogger Jensgalore said...

Congratulations on all the work! It always seems to me that the problem with work is that if you don't have it you don't have any money to do anything, but if you do have work, then you have money, but no time. It's all very annoying! :)

8:37 AM  
Anonymous azrael said...

yes, but we have enough money for whoo! hoo!..happy dance..

9:30 AM  
Blogger 'Lema said...

Just so you know.... WLK - We Love Katamari :) I wuvs it!


PS: Oh yes... we got it!

4:26 PM  
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