Monday, August 08, 2005

The Wide-Awakes

Ah...insomnia's a wonderful little beastie.

It's presently 4am, and I'm watching the delicious eye candy that is Brad Pitt in 'The Devil's Own', as a little Irish follow-up to 'Waking Ned Devine' which I watched previously. The rest of the peeps wimped out hours ago, so it's just me and Comcast's On Demand, and we're getting along famously. It occurred to me that I could have SO used On Demand 14 years ago when Xander, the colt boy was a newborn.

I was reading blogs the other day and came across a tortured post from a lady who had just had a baby and was unlucky enough to come up with one of the 'wide-awake kids' on her first attempt. OUCH! I remember when Xander was a week or so old grumbling something along the lines that had he been my first child, there would NOT have been two others!!

This was a child who hadn't read the manual. He wasn't aware that babies are supposed to sleep for large portions of the day. In fact, he seemed to have completely skipped over the 'sleep' section of the manual in its entirety. Don't get me wrong...he wasn't a nasty, colicky, can't sleep and cries a lot kind of kid. He was more of the 'okay, I'm here...amuse me' type of breed. For the first two or three months my husband and I didn't occupy the same bed at the same time. We slept in shifts. He'd go to bed at 7 and get up at 12:30. I'd go to bed at 12:30 and get up at 5:30 when he had to leave for work. Sleep when the baby sleeps? HA!! I also had a 17 month old, who couldn't be left alone for the 30 minutes the baby might close his eyes during the day. And their naptimes NEVER coincided. And I the mother in the blog...that I would die of sleep deprivation. All of the well-meaning advice from other people, all of the expensive toys and gadgets purchased out of desperation, the slings, the swaddling, phased this kid not one jot. He wasn't going to miss a second of this brand new life if he could help it.

And of course, like all the other mothers of 'wide-awakes', I lived to tell the tale. I didn't tell that to the lady in the blog. She wouldn't believe me. I wouldn't have believed me.

I haven't thought of those days in quite some time, until I'm sitting here at 4am watching all of these deliciously good films, and remembering back through all of those years to when we didn't even have decent cable, and there was precious little to keep me occupied aside from a certain tiny person, who, to be frank, as much as I adored him, I could really have done with seeing JUST a little bit less of.

And maybe it's that 14 years of forgetting about those horrendous early days which, despite knowing my child-producing days are over, makes me feel broody.

Either that, or I truly have lost my mind.


Blogger 'Lema said...

The whole 'losing my mind' thing would entail that you actually had one to begin with. Was there ever a time when you were perfectly sane... to everyone and not just yourself? And I was the aaaaangel child, was I not? IIIII didn't keep you up all hours of the night.... did I? He he he. I just tried to alleviate your pain by removing the reason for your insomnia! I was being GOOD! Not baaaaaaaad... and I'm glad I missed :)


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