Monday, August 01, 2005

Poem of the Week

I've decided that I'm going to start sharing one of my favorite poems once a week wit y'all. So here is the first one which came to mind. I remember studying W.H. Auden for O level English Literature in school, and this was by far my favorite of his poems. Very, very simple language, which makes the underlying menace even more horrible.

O what is that sound which so thrills the ear,
Down in the valley, drumming, drumming?
Only the scarlet soldiers, dear
The soldiers coming.

O what is that light I see flashing so clear,

Over the distance, brightly, brightly?
Only the sun on their weapons, dear,
As they step lightly.

O what are they doing with all that gear,

What are they doing this morning, this morning?
Only their usual manoeuvres, dear,
Or perhaps a warning.

O why have they left the road down there,

Why are they suddenly wheeling, wheeling?
Perhaps a change in their orders, dear.
Why are you kneeling?

O haven't they stopped for the doctor's care?

Haven't they reined in their horses, their horses?
Why, they are none of them wounded, dear,
None of these forces.

O is it the parson they want, with white hair?

Is it the parson, is it, is it?
No, they are passing his gateway, dear,
Without a visit.

O it must be the farmer who lives so near.

It must be the farmer so cunning, so cunning.
They have passed the farmyard already, dear,
And now they are running.

O where are you going? Stay with me here!

Were the vows you swore deceiving, deceiving?
No, I promised to love you, dear.
But I must be leaving.

O it's broken the lock and splintered the door.

O it's the gate where they're turning, turning.
Their boots are heavy on the floor,
And their eyes are burning.


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