Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pekish Updates and Other Things

We have a pekish update.

Not exactly film at eleven type update, but update nonetheless. Rosy's bloodwork shows that her kidneys are within the normal range, and although there is an elevated white count of the kind of white cells which signify either an inflammatory condition (like rheumatoid arthritis) or an infection, the vet dude is going with the infection thing. He still thinks that the bladder infection probably is also in her kidneys, which would explain the high white count. So...phew...for now.

Rosy is getting a little better about being able to actually make it to the pee mats on the floor before doing the squatting and straining bit, which is a good thing. It's still on the bloody side, which is not such a good thing to look at, but presumably is normal for this condition. She's back to eating and playing Prima Donna though, so that's definitely a bonus.

It's funny though, the way that animals can sense weakness in others of their kind. We have two alphas...or would-be alphas in the house. Rosy, natch, and Katie the Shih Tzu. Ordinarily they kind of have an uneasy truce, which very occasionally will result in a battle with much screaming and tearing of fur. However, although Rosy's smaller, she's much fiercer when roused, so it's a pretty even match, so they tend to respect each other's space and just pick on Clinton, the cocker spaniel, who is so subservient it's the biggest wonder he ever gets off his back in front of these two women.

But since Rosy got sick, Katie has been taking full advantage. Up to now it's just been that Katie was growling at her whenever she got anywhere within eyeshot, and Rosy would back off. But yesterday, Rosy went to jump on the couch to sit next to me, which Katie has decided should be her spot now. Immediate no-holds-barred battle ensued, with Katie flipping Rosy and grabbing her by the throat. Now I know that dog fights are more bluster than anything else, and they usually don't harm each other in their dominance games, but sheesh. It's at times like those where it's very difficult to separate what you SHOULD do from what you WANT to do. My first instinct is to protect Rosy because she's ill, but I've read enough doggy pack behavior books to know that it would be absolutely the wrong thing to do because it could wind up aggravating the situation and intensifying the problem.

Imagine your baby being bullied by that kid down the street, and not being able to do anything about it. Yeah...kind of like that :) I can't wait until she's better and back to kicking some Shih Tzu butt again!

Oh....Lema and I wound up having a very girly night last night. I was trying to install Norton on Azrael's computer, which wasn't being very cooperative, and which I finally gave up as a bad job at about 2:30. Lema was still awake, and so we decided to do girly painting nails and toenails things, and lay sprawled on the bed watching Lifetime Movie Network and drifting in and out of sleep. Oh and many Ramen noodles and dry roasted salted peanuts were imbibed and a good time was had all round.

Of course this morning we're suffering the torments of the damned, and we're both prickly and irritable and SO not wanting to do anything resembling transcription cause something happens to your EYES on four hours of sleep. But that's why God invented Starbucks French Roast and intravenous drips. And Azrael, the misguided sweet thing, brought home an AM/PM caramel flavored expresso for me when he came back at 8:30 this am. He wasn't to know that I'd only been asleep for a couple of hours at this I fell back to sleep and awoke two hours later and the expresso was COLD. Damnit. I love that stuff. That'll teach me.


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