Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I'm back...with kisses all round. Did you miss me? Huh? Huh??

I hasten to inform you that staying away so long was DEFINITELY not my intention. And furthermore, I will state that it was NONE OF MY DOING! In FACT...if you would know if you came to visit me more often...I DID post a new post on Sunday night. A poem of the week and a pekish update.

That was before I realized that SOMEBODY had been surfing with MY computer...and broken it all to pieces! Here's the drill in our house. YOU DON'T TOUCH MAMA'S COMPUTER! And before you think that is a trifle harsh, let me add quickly that everyone in the house has at least one computer to their name...some of them have more than one. So YOU DON'T TOUCH MAMA'S COMPUTER!

The reason is, plain and simply, this is my bread and butter. The tool of my trade, if you will. When I'm sitting somewhere underneath a mountain of transcription as big as the pile of laundry waiting in the laundry room, yes, I may curse it a little bit. And yes, it's not the speediest or the smartest laptop on the block, and it may have it's own little pecadilloes as computers are wont to do.

But it's what I use to work with. And therefore is sacrosanct and immolate and YOU DON'T TOUCH MAMA'S COMPUTER.

The reason I put this rule in place is a simple one. The other people in the house have no respect for the concept of viruses and/or spyware/adware. They surf with wild and merry abandon, throwing caution - and bandwidth - to the winds. They absolutely cannot resist anything which screams "CLICK HERE, YOU MAY BE A WINNER". Which, of course is the reason why Lema has to run Ad Aware every single day - sometimes multiple times in the course of a day, and why Azrael's computer isn't running, period. Oh he can check mail if he wants to wait for half an hour for it to load Outlook. But Explorer? Fuggeddaboutdit.

So somebody...and I'm mentioning NO names...decided to use mama's computer for a little surfing expedition. Oh they were fast and sneaky and covered their tracks well. BUT somewhere along the top of whatever wave they were riding on, they hit the motherlode. I attempted to access my folder on the server of the Big Office In New York, only to find the page superceded by an advertisement for fertilizer or some other odd full-page thing. I clicked out of that to find another advert for a mastercard. and one for a virus protector below that.

Adware. The bane of professional computer users. There should be a very special place in hell for people who put this stuff out. Particularly the kind of malware adware which gets into your SYSTEM REGISTRY AND MESSES STUFF UP SO THAT YOU HAVE TO GO IN AND MESS AROUND WITH THINGS WHICH COULD TURN YOUR COMPUTER INTO A BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH IF YOU HIT THE WRONG THING!

So...a more up-to-date and expansive (and expensive) edition of Norton which includes spyware/adware protection later (Ad Aware I love you, man, but you just don't have what it takes to deal with the whole malware stuff), and an entire working day wasted trying to remove said malware from my system, I'm happy to announce that I'm up and running again. I still have adware in there...somewhere in the registry...but Norton won't let it access the net to spawn itself. Which is fine with me.

I even went to the trouble of deleting my last piece of bloggy goodness because when I looked at it with MY admittedly messed up Explorer yesterday, half the words had turned into underlined hyperlinks which took me to weird shopping sites.

So I'll have to replace poem of the week and pekish update soon. Until then, I'm happy to announce that I'm back. And that my computer now has a lock.


Blogger 'Lema said...

You liiiiie. It doesn't have a lock... yet. :) haha.


3:55 PM  
Blogger Jensgalore said...

I wondered what happened to the pekish update! I got a chance to read it, but when I came back to your site later, it was gone. I'm glad to hear your dog is feeling better and your computer is, too!

6:04 AM  

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