Monday, August 01, 2005

Good Vibes Needed - Apply Within

All kinds of good and happy vibes are required for Azrael right now, as he awaits the results of a job interview he had today. If you could throw some in the general direction of his prospective boss too, that would be great. If he gets the job, he'll be running a supply rental company just up the road from where we live - almost zero commute - making a sizable chunk of money and decent benefits.

If he doesn't get the job he's going to be thoroughly miserable and downhearted and sulkified.

Guess which option I want?? :)

On a different note, we finally had to move all of the books out of the bathroom today. Which is kind of funny, because earlier I was going to blog about how many books we actually had in a relatively tiny room which holds a toilet and a shower. I think I counted ten books - all in varying stages of completion - and was curious as to how many other people wind up with a library in the toilet? It's not exactly a question one can usually throw out there in polite conversation.

Anyway...before I could get around to blogging about all the books, we had a slight - ahem - is there a polite way to say this? Toilet malfunction. Luckily all of the books got tossed into the larger bathroom area (we have a bathroom off the master bedroom, and the toilet's in a separate closed off area...kind of thing) and so escaped being swamped by the cascading and non too sweet-smelling toilet run-off. Aren't you glad I shared this with you?

At least we didn't wind up having to call a plumber, which is a good thing cause I didn't fancy having to sell a child in order to pay the bill. And the floor is tiled - although it's carpeted outside of the door, so now you have to walk through this swamp in order to reach the nice, dry floor of the toilet.

But the books are safe.


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