Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Family That Plays Together....

...should have been out here today helping us to get the back porch ready for screening. We had originally hoped to begin the actual process of replacing the screens today, but after getting out there and taking a look at how sad the woodwork looked, I decided that we needed to rip out all of the old nails, staples and bits of old screening, sweep it all down and repaint it.

So Azrael, the Teen Peeps and myself spent the afternoon and early evening pulling and sweeping and hammering and painting. Luckily none of us are arachnophobics, since most of the spider population of Buckley, Washington seem to have been renting space in our back porch. Unfortunately, I haven't been seeing any of the rent money, but I think we met The Landlord. I was sweeping the last area, underneath the overhang above the steps, and uncovered the LARGEST non-tarantula I have ever seen in my entire LIFE! Hey...I'D pay money to this guy.

After causing a huge spike in the homeless arachnid population, we started painting the areas which are going to be screened hopefully tomorrow. Now it's all glisteningly black and scrummy looking instead of faded brown and moss-covered. Much more upmarket, much less redneck.

As we're all music junkies - specifically '80's music - we had to drag a computer outside and set up speakers in the porch, and have the music going loudly enough to cover up the noise of hammered fingers, and our less than perfect vocal accompaniments. Surprisingly enough, this had the added attraction of frightening off the lecherous old redneck brothers who live next door, who didn't show their faces out in their backyard ALL EVENING! Maybe we've hit on the perfect way to take a plunge in The Pool Of Death unmolested in the future. Just play Frankie Goes To Hollywood at ear-bleed volumes and we'll have the backyard area all to ourselves!

We might even get these screens up before the end of summer!


Blogger 'Lema said...

I ventured the Pool of Death today!!!!! And SURVIVED!!!


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