Sunday, July 17, 2005

We're all wild about Harry....

I just got through reading 'Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince'. And I was good. I shine with holy light, having denied myself the pleasure of reading it until I had conquered most of the transcription due this weekend.

Was it worth the wait?

If you have to ask me that question, who are you and what are you doing reading my blog??!! J.K. Rowling's writing affects me in much the same way that really old and really good Stephen King used to do. There are few books that I can't put down and go do something else if I have to. There are many books that I can read in tandem with other books, and still keep a handle on the plots.

And then there is the kind of writing which makes you want to find a nice little private space where you can be totally uninterrupted for the block of time it takes you to read the book from cover to cover. A book where the author creates a world, and the characters who populate it with such brilliance and clarity that you can fall into it and it overwhelms you and surrounds you and you forget about mundane things like eating or sleeping or other people. 'The Talisman' was such a book. Straub and King created such a plausible alternate reality that the ending came as a jolt because I didn't want to leave it. And J.K. Rowling has that talent.

Now since I am the only one of the household who has read this particular book, I won't go into detail at this point. Xander waited up until midnight in the hopes I'd be done, so that he could take over, and I think Azrael has called dibs on it for the third reading, since Babybat has decided she's never going to read another Harry Potter book again EVER after they killed off Sirius Black. She'll cave. It's just a question of time.

What I will say is that I am so completely unlike all of those brilliant people on Amazon who claim to have already KNOWN who the half-blood prince is, cause my guesses were WAY off the freaking mark. And I had no clue who she was going to kill off in this particular book, and when it came, it was one of those....NOOOOO!!! SAY IT AIN'T SOOOOO moments. I have a lot of respect for authors who aren't afraid to kill off major characters in their series - Darren Shan and his Cirque Du Freak series is a great example of that. You really risk pissing off a lot of your readers (as with Babybat, who adored Sirius even before she saw him portrayed by Gary Oldman and who has LOATHED J.K. Rowling ever since she dispatched him.), but I really like it when an author keeps me off balance that way, and makes sure that I know nothing is sacred, and everything can change with the turn of a page.

Is this a book for six-year olds? No, of course not. The series has grown up, along with the characters, who are now 16 and 17-year olds. And, I would assume, along with its faithful readership, who have aged 6 years since the series commenced. Keeping it G rated would have been stupid. Teenagers don't behave like 10-year olds.

What I can say is that it is a book I'll be more than happy to read again, and which makes me want to go back to the beginning of the series and start over.

I don't know how I'm going to wait another year to find out how it turns out!


Blogger 'Lema said...

I will not.. I repeat will not cave!!!!!!

*hisses evily and curses to herself*


9:30 AM  
Blogger Rachie said...

But it has LUUUUUPIN in it :)

2:32 PM  

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