Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Tiger Sleeps Tonight...

Okay, pop quiz! What irritates the Gemini tiger even more than someone acting like they may be thinking about making menacing movements towards her cubs?

Yeah...some fool waking her up from a deep sleep. Which Azrael chose to do this morning, since he obviously has so little desire to live beyond his 39th birthday. And even though I GROWLED and even though I BATTED HIM AWAY with sheathed claws. He still had the temerity to look surprised when I turned around and CLAWED OFF HIS FACE WITH MY LONG TIGER CLAWS while howling balefully at the top of my voice: "Will you STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED!!! YOU'RE SMUSHALYZING ME!!!"

So now Azrael is POUTING and AGGRIEVED and acting like the INJURED PARTY he believes himself to be. He SHOULD be happy he SURVIVED the wild tiger attack ferchrissakes!

And why was it necessary for the tiger to sleep tonight? (Well actually it WAS 10 am to be fair to the rude awakener - not that it's any real EXCUSE because he KNOWS the REASON the tiger needed to sleep tonight!) MY TRANSCRIPTION FILES ARE ALL DONE - TRA LA!!

Yeah I know I could have been boringly normal and worked during normal working hours, but I don't work that way. For some reason it's so much easier to concentrate on what's coming through my earbuds when the house is absolutely quiet. And that's not something that you tend to find in the house when Azrael and the Teen Peeps are all at home for the summer.

It's not that they are constantly bothering me. In fact they're usually good about leaving me alone if they know I have earbuds in and laptop in position. They bring me coffee when I need it and slip in and out of the room like little ghosts.



I can hear their TVs or stereos. I can hear their voices. I watch them passing by my bedroom window on their way to the DDR shed to play dancing games. And a part of my brain gets all pissy and 'why should I work when they're noooooot! - ish'

Hence the late night when everyone is in bed working. And the need for a nice long sleep after staying up till 6 am working on the files.

So Azrael is mooching around the house wearing GAUZE on his face because of the tiger claw holes, and may be DEAF from the yelling. And I'm up and feeling mean and foul-spirited and wanting to bite off the heads of small children just for SPITE.

Life bites.


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