Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Smells Like Grass Clippings

So I'm sitting here in the bedroom, which is where I do the transcriptioning, and I am in utter and complete olfactory HEAVEN! Azrael's been out mowing the lawn this morning (and I use the term 'lawn' in the broadest possible sense as it's now more MOSS and WEEDS than lawn). He's managed to make it actually LOOK like a lawn, but more importantly he's generated this incredibly yummy smell of CUT GRASS!! Which is being wafted into the bedroom courtesy of the window fan. How does cut grass manage to smell so good you could EAT it??

I boggle.

PLUS!! And I absolutely pinky swear this has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with me waking up early yesterday morning. I woke up with a jolt today and myopically perused my watch to find it was 11:40 am! And Azrael was still ASLEEP!! So I dragged myself out of bed with cup in hand and went to the Babybat doing my best rendition of Oliver Twist meets The Thing. Extend cup and grunt meaninglessly. Then I wombled back to the bedroom and woke Azrael.

Me: So you're planning on staying in bed ALL DAY?

Azrael: Mmm nowhattimeisit?

Me: (sanctimoniously) It's almost 12!

Azrael: I didn't go to bed till after 1.

Me: (sanctimoniously AND smugly) THAT was almost 12 HOURS ago!!

Heh...victory was mine. And it was MINE right up until Azrael got dressed and went into the other room and realized that it was actually 7:30 and my watch had stopped.

Oh well...maybe it KNEW I was due for a little vengeance after yesterday!


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