Friday, July 29, 2005

My Girl

Talking 'bout my girl.

I got sunshine on a cloudy day....and when it's cold outside I got the month of May....

My girl.

The one who has carved out a whole new identity for herself over the past year or so. The one who is now 'Lema, the almost sixteen-year old. For those of you who've never met her - and how unlucky are YOU - here are some little known facts about the oldest of the Teen Peeps:

  1. She would have guessed that song in the first few notes because she's PHENOMENALLY musically talented.
  2. She would have guessed it by frantically singing all of the words of the song and racing them to the chorus so she could proclaim victory.
  3. She's the only blonde in the house, and has gamely heard every blonde joke known to man with the grace to do no more than shake her head slightly in consternation at us.
  4. She can spell consternation.
  5. Cats are her favorite beings, and even after we regaled her with the knowledge that unlike dogs, who will only eat a dead human if they themselves are starving, cats will pounce on you and eat your eyeballs while you're still WARM, she welcomes them to her room by leaving her window open - even in the dead of winter. (Cause they need somewhere warm to sleep.)
  6. She's nervous about being a junior in high school, and worries about paying for college.
  7. She plans on GOING TO COLLEGE!!!
  8. She has such a wonderful spirit that she makes friends with everybody - no matter how much this may downgrade her 'popular' status in school.
  9. She loves underdogs.
  10. Without being asked, she's helping out with transcription for The Big Office In New York, cause she knows we need the money.
  11. She's thoughtful that way.
  12. She cries at soppy movies - particularly if they involve glove puppets or animals.
  13. She'll be really mad I told you that.
  14. She likes it that I cry at soppy movies too.
  15. Her teachers think she's a gift from God.
  16. One of her teachers used to say that when she walked into the room it was like the sun came out.
  17. I know what she meant.
  18. When she was 3 months old, she started sleeping through the night.
  19. I thought she died.
  20. I'm glad she didn't.
  21. She still loves to spend time with me, despite being almost 16 and basically grown.
  22. That doesn't mean she's tied to the apron strings. It just means that the transition from child to adult and offspring to friend is becoming a seamless thing.
  23. She likes to talk. A lot. So much that once, when she accompanied me to the hairdresser to get my hair permed, and stood 'helping' the hairdresser by passing the rollers, chattering all the time, the poor hairdresser lady took advantage of temporary absence for a bathroom break to ask me "Does she EVER shut up??!!"
  24. She reads voraciously. And although she's too grown for me to control what she reads, she makes good choices.
  25. She makes good choices period.
  26. She is inflamed by injustice. Watching 'Hotel Rwanda' with us last week sparked some furious blogging, a movie review AND an article for the website. ALL IN THE SAME DAY. Because what happened and the world's reaction to it was unjust. And she couldn't have that.
  27. Her absolutely to die for meal is spaghetti and meat sauce.
  28. Her absolutely to die for ideal mate would be someone who cooks spaghetti and meat sauce.
  29. Like her mom cooks it.
  30. She has an older sister that she doesn't see and it hurts her heart sometimes that there's a continent and a body of water between them. And that her sister doesn't email her.
  31. Once, when she was three years old, her older sister, who was eleven years old found her playing with a pair of scissors. When her sister tried to take them from her, she cut her sister's finger so badly that she required stitches.
  32. That's not why her sister doesn't email her.
  33. I have a favorite baby picture of her, when she was very, very new, dressed in a pink all-in-one outfit and lying on a changing mat. The sun shines through the blinds behind her in such a way that she seems to glow from the inside out.
  34. But not in a nuclear fallout kind of way.
  35. She was a heart-stoppingly beautiful baby. The anesthetist in the hospital came to see her the next day, and said she looked just like the Gerber she had that perfect curl at the front of her head.
  36. She's still beautiful. She has that ivory skin and great bone structure that puts you in mind of Veronica Lake.
  37. She understands the concept of algebra.
  38. She can recite Wilfred Owen's poem, 'Dulce et Decorum Est'.
  39. She wishes latin wasn't a dead language, because it fascinates her, and they don't teach it in her school.
  40. To 'Lema, eyeliner is not a fashion accessory. It is a necessity.
  41. She has taken over the running of the website while I am working at transcription so much lately.
  42. Since she took over, our hits have gone up.
  43. She sings in the choir. And in her bedroom. And in the bathroom. Loudly.
  44. Luckily she has perfect pitch.
  45. She swore off Harry Potter books following 'The Order of the Phoenix" because they killed off Sirius Black.
  46. She makes incredible coffee.
  47. She doesn't drink coffee.
  48. She makes it for me.
  49. Her favorite treat of all is a can of olives.
  50. If I were to tailor-make the perfect daughter for would be her.


Blogger 'Lema said...

I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!! And I do NOT cry at every glove puppet!!!! Only that ONE glove puppet!!! You know.... Godspell? And what can I say... I was ATTACHED to that glove puppet!!!


9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lema, this was a good work and you should thank your mother.

11:43 AM  

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