Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8 encore and other stuff

I've had a day to recover from my aggravation over Live 8, and have since read media accounts of the coverage from various parts of the world. So I'm back to render an updated version.

Live 8 good....MTV so unbelievably bad that a degree of badness has yet to be created which could come close to matching how bad it actually was.

Apparently in England they were treated to Live Aid-esque coverage courtesy of Auntie Beeb. They got to watch whole entire sets of songs by musicians and bands people actually care about. In fact, I was gobsmacked to read in the BBC talkback section that someone was griping and whining because the BBC had the temerity to talk over the end of a Muse song.

Laughs hysterically.

I take it back. Bob is king, and I'm waiting for the official Live 8 dvd to come out. Hopefully it won't take the 20 years that the Live Aid one did.

And moving right along...
Can I say - at the risk of sounding more and more like Oscar the Grouch every time I open my mouth - that I'm fed up with 4th of July festivities? know and I know that it's only July 3rd. But apparently nobody else in the neighborhood does. I'm becoming very aggravated by the ongoing firework displays which have been taking place since the beginning of the week, which quite often proceed until around midnight each day. You're really getting on my LAST NERVE people!!

It angers me more than anything because of the neighborhood pet population. As you know, we've got 6 cats and 3 dogs. Who HATE fireworks. If anything, they hate fireworks more than I do. By the time the festivities are over - not on July 4th...oh noooo....cause apparently not only do the mental defectives around here not realize when July 4th actually begins, they have no clue that it lasts a mere 24 hours either, and so we'll still be going through this shit by NEXT WEEKEND!...every pet in the neighborhood is going to be completely traumatized by the noise and the craziness. And I'm going to be insane from worrying that those dickheads who can't even tell time and date will be just as clueless when it comes to plotting a rocket's trajectory and it'll come down and set my house/car/one of the pine trees on fire while we're sleeping. And then we'll all die a horrible fiery death.

At least in England we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day (or bonfire night) on November 5th. November....when it's a) dark by 5 so kids don't have to stay up till 10 to be able to enjoy the majesty of a TNT Grand Patriot, and b) it's usually raining and has been for days so there is MUCH less chance that anything's going to get loose and set things ON FIRE! Oh and people have more respect for their neighbors than to treat Guy Fawke's DAY like Independence DAY and turn a DAY into a WEEK AND A HALF OF BOTTLE ROCKETS AND M 80s.!!

Oh and's my ending rant. I never really felt one way or another about Tom Cruise. I liked him in 'An Interview With The Vampire', and 'Rainman'. Beyond that, I never thought he was that big of a deal. Now he's in my face so much that I actually wish him some kind of major disability. Like the permanent loss of his voice so that I didn't have to hear another inane comment about how this actor, who up until the age of 15 wanted to become a priest; who never took the time for a college education of any kind, has more knowledge about EVERYTHING than anyone who disagrees with his rabid belief in Scientology. And furthermore is exceptionally rude about pointing out this fact in interviews.

I'm sure that Wanda Yates who along with her husband believed that drugs were not necessary to aleviate the post partum psychosis she was slipping into, wishes now that she had taken the drugs and kept the 5 babies she drowned in the bathtub. Brooke Shields was brave enough to come forward and write a book about her struggles with PPD and how she was helped by means of anti-depressants. As someone prone to depression, I can sympathize with her totally.

I can also testify to the fact that Tom Cruise has his head so far up his rear end that he can see the vitamins he just ate for breakfast. How this little nobody can sit there and make such fatuous statements in front of a TV audience is a mystery to me. The scary thought is that if just one person comes off their anti-depressants cold turkey based on some irrational belief that Cruise actually does have more knowledge than all of the history of psychiatry put together, and then, as is plainly stated in the warnings section about these drugs, suffers a boomerang effect and commits suicide while in the pits of depression, is Cruise going to be held accountable?

I don't have a problem with anybody practicing their own religion. And I don't have a hatred of people who espouse scientology. I don't understand them, but if that's what they want to believe, all well and good. But cramming it in other people's faces is annoying. Making grand announcements and denouncements based on this religion is irresponsible. After all, John Travolta's been a Scientologist for years and we don't have to listen to him telling us at every single opportunity how he knows more than the collective scientific wisdom of the ages.

Tom Cruise should just shut up. And go somewhere. Far, far away.


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I've read the last few days..

and this is why i live and love you..(more gently in the future I hope)..

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Methinks that me mumsie should postywosty more daily!!!!


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