Monday, June 06, 2005

Whoever Invented Work Should Have Stayed And Finished It!

Yes, I have been conspicuously absent from my brand new baby blog since my b-day weekend. The reason behind that is the horrendously awful devil demon which masquerades as 'work'.

To begin with I had to get the website put together. Now I don't know if it's that time of year or what, but lately I just have not had the patience for it. Time was, I would play with it, and pet it, and feed it lots of lovely articles and reviews, as though it was my absolute favorite soft little new puppy. Lately, the puppy and I have been having major disagreements.

I think it probably began when some fathead hijacked our mirror site. Thanks to the hijinks of our web domain renewal company who told us to renew. Okay, so I forgot to renew that one cause I thought Azrael was doing it. He thought I was doing it, even though it was only the MAIN site I thought was my 'sponsibility. Hmph. Well anyway, the main site (my 'sponsibility) got renewed. The mirror site (Azrael's 'sponsibility) didn't. Trying to renew it at that point according to the web domain people wasn't possible. We'dhave to wait until it came back out into the land of available names again. Then something hideous happened in January of this year. We'd been doing so well! Our hits had been leaping and bounding up every month until they were teetering at the 70,000 a month mark!!

Then January came along, and all of a sudden instead of getting 3,000 hits per day, we were getting like...well...300 or so. Steps back in amazement! This can't be right!! What the ferk is going on here?? Azrael did his little site search thing, and found out...shock, horror, that the mirror site didn't have a mirror of our main site anymore. had one of those nasty nasty "Page not found" things. That's when we figured out that it was time to go and renew the mirror site. I went to the webdomainplaceIhate and put in the details for the site, and my credit card info, and renewed it. Yowza. All done. No problem. I even got my credit card bill the next week and checked it, and saw that they'd debited my account for the renewal. Cool beans.

Cut to February. Checking our hit total, we found the same dismal problem. When we checked the mirror site, we found that it didn't have a mirror of our main site anymore. Oh no. It didn't even have a nasty nasty 'Page not found" thingy. Oh no, gentle reader. What it did have was a site that WAS NOT OURS!! It was a stupid page of ads and gothic links that didn't actually have any links on it.

Of course I went to the WHOIS look up thingy, and found out that the day AFTER they'd debited my credit card, the webdomainplaceIhate had sold our name to some other weasely little squeak of a slimebag. Of course, at the time I didn't actually KNOW he was a weasely little squeak of a slimebag. That knowledge didn't come until later, after I'd contacted him and explained the situation and offered to buy the site name back from him, and he gave me some smart ass little shit reply about 'never selling his sites'. Ugh. So our mirror site was gone. It was like losing a favorite pet. Well okay, more like that cat that climbs in through the window and sleeps on the bed but you don't actually OWN and you wouldn't want to because it probably has fleas and you can do without the extra vet bills anyway what with the menagerie you already have. But it was a pet you LIKED and had come to expect to be there whenever you checked on it.

So now we just have the main site. Forever. As long as we remember to pay the bills. And our hits have gone back up again to pre-site-hijacking levels. But all of a sudden, I find that I don't have the energy for it anymore. I don't spend time throughout the month getting the site ready for its unveiling on the first. I wind up having to work like a demon fiend from hell the day before the first in order to update and archive and do all of the other stuff that's necessary, and because of that, I don't want to visit it anymore. But I do...cause I'M 'sponsible!


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