Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Class Act

Anne Bancroft. A Class Act. Posted by Hello

One of my favorite actresses, Anne Bancroft, died today of uterine cancer. This was one talented lady. I mean she had the kind of acting ability that made you completely forget she was just playing a role. She BECAME whoever she was playing at the time. She played the cradle-snatching Mrs. Robinson and the poorly-sighted teacher of Helen Keller - Annie Sullivan - with equal grace and aplomb. I loved her portrayal of the actress who kissed John Hurt in 'The Elephant Man', and of her role as Sir Anthony Hopkins' penpal in '54 Charing Cross Road'.

She was Mel Brook's wife for 41 years, and Max's mother for 33. How sad it must be for them to lose her to this horrendous and insidious killer of women. And how much I wish that as much money, time and effort was being plunged into the search for a cure for 'women's diseases' as was being ladled into helping men get an erection. Not that I think the scientific community are in any way biased, but if we're betting on which comes first, a serious treatment of breast, cervical and uterine cancers, or one for prostate and testicular cancers, my money has to be on the second batch.

Thanks for everything Anne. You were a class act. Sleep well.


Blogger Azrael said...

Um, anne Bancroft and Anne Margaret seem to devolve into the same actress for me, so yes!! ann Bancroft is spiffy, for her career defining moment as the wicked witch of the west, and as her "best actress to ever be on H.R. Pufnstuf" (she was in the two hour movie that was splendid throughout.)

4:45 PM  
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