Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Child's Play

Okay, a number of issues today.

Firstly, anyone who knows me should be aware that I think Michael Jackson got a raw deal in his child molestation trial. For god's sake, the man should be sanctified for the work he's done with children. He should have been presented with a great big huge shiny halo for the suffering he was forced to endure during this judicial process.

Yeah....right. MJ is the archetype of a pedophile. He just has the kind of money which cushions him from any kind of prosecution.

This was never shown more eloquently than in two separate events over the past few days. Firstly the Jackson family gave a little bash for friends of MJ on the weekend. And guess who showed up? Yep...you got it. One of the jurors who had found him not guilty a few days earlier.

Let's boggle over this for a second shall we?

Imagine for one second that we lived in a land where real justice was doled out to people on an equal basis, regardless of how much money, fame or celebrity they had. Imagine further that MJ had actually been found guilty of all ten counts on the indictment form. Now imagine that the prosecution team rented a local casino and had a big celebratory rally. And imagine that one of the invited was a member of the jury which had convicted MJ. Is there a defense lawyer in the country who would not have been running down to the courthouse to file an appeal based on the juror's obvious prosecutorial bias? Of course not. And yet when the situation is reversed, nobody thinks anything about it? No defense bias in a juror who shows up to a Jackson bash shortly after finding him not guilty?

And then today one of the infamous jurors appeared on Court TV for an interview. She basically came out and said that unless there was eyewitness testimony from someone with an absolutely unimpeachable past, she would not have found MJ guilty of molestation.

Boggle. Go ahead. I did.

And now MJ's mother says that Saint Michael has decided that he will only help children 'from a distance'.

Guess that means he's going to fly them in from Mexico?


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