Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cross and stitching

Okay so I could sit here preening because I actually am more of a techno geek than I thought I was or I can get on with the hard business of journaling the daily events of this group of creatures who share my house. That would be Azrael, Babybat, Xander, and sundry dogs and cats.

Today's my birthday....yay for me. That meant I was the lucky recipient of the gifts everyone else in the house would have chosen for themselves had it been their own birthday. At least they're not going to actually start pestering to borrow said new prezzie objects until tomorrow, as they don't want to it to appear that they had any kind of self-interest in their careful choosing.

What I really wanted, no, I mean what I REALLY wanted, what I wanted from the deep DEEP DEPTHS of my little black heart was...ahem....a cross stitch kit. Not much to ask for. Trouble is that nobody ASKED! So I have videos and music and chocolate and so on and so forth...but what I wanted....what I so DEEPLY wanted, remains locked up in somebody's arts and crafts store.


Not that I don't love Peter Gabriel, and the Jam immensely. I do. Not that I haven't been looking for a copy of a Pixies CD that contains 'My Velouria' - the song from hell which torments my every waking moment. I have. But would I have put them at the top of my list of things I absolutely had to have or I would die?

Oh well. Azzy and Xander are off in search of Subway sandwiches since for my birthday Xander would like to eat at Subway, and before they left I dropped many heavy hints about the joy and delight I take in cross stitch, and how these kits are available at our local Ben Franklin's store which is oh so near to Subway.

I'll keep you posted.

Later - Heh. The Diva Princess stomped her little glass slippered foot and won the cross stitch prize. The men staggered back from their sojourn to the outer reaches of Bonney Lake (buried deep in the heart of Redneck territory) and returned with...wait for it...not one, but TWO cross stitchy kits! YES real men can buy cross stitch kits.

I am loved and petted and pampered and have declared the entire weekend to be my birthday. It's Memorial Day tomorrow so that also counts in the reckoning. Ah...bliss.


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